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After his recent successful sale of a Baxter winery, auctioneer Phillip Caldwell has picked up another grape paradise at Arthurs Creek about 40 kilometres north east of Melbourne. This time it is a biodynamic A-grade certified property, where everything grown is organic and no pesticides or other chemicals are allowed to be used.

The auction, at 510 Running Creek Road, will take place from 11am Sunday in a beautiful homestead surrounded by 40 hectares of lush grapes, lemons and wild garlic. There are several items on offer that are bound to make the trip for auction goers worth their while. One is a 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible (the same type of vehicle as President John Kennedy was sitting in when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas) which has been converted to right hand drive and has a huge 430 cubic inch (or seven litre) V8 motor with only 120,000 miles on the clock. The roof folds into the boot at the touch of a button and the car has many other features normally only found on more modern vehicles.

A Royal Worcester urn by Shuck worth about $10,000 has been used to display flowers and quality English burr walnut davenports, credenzas and bedside cabinets abound. According to Phillip Caldwell, there are several good bookcases including an 1860s eight door breakfront flame mahogany library piece. “We also have a couple of early Georgian mahogany and oak grandfather clocks and cast iron garden figures, statues and large urns,” he said.

Unusual is the collection of 18th and 19th century porcelain patch boxes. There also is a range of traditional art along with a collection of 12 Pro Hart works, gallery size seascape and landscape by contemporary artist Andris Jansons and a couple of Hugh Sawrey bush paintings. Viewing is Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday from 9.30am. For information contact 9543 2767 or 0411 529 414.